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5 Neurofeedback facts to build upon

Not all Neurofeedback providers are the same.

  • Their level of education, understanding, focus and expertise may vary
  • Some look at your entire brain’s activity while other’s just rely on your symptoms
  • Some are BCIA certified (The Gold Standard) in Neurofeedback, some are not

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Not all Neurofeedback equipment functions the same.

  • Some equipment trains only 1 spot, some equipment trains all 19 spots
  • Some equipment relies on a qEEG brain map assessment for training
  • Some equipment is more general and is based on your symptoms

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Not all preliminary Neurofeedback evaluations are the same.

  • Evaluations create the foundation for Neurofeedback training
  • Some providers acquire brain information (objective)
  • Some providers ask you about current symptoms (subjective)  
  • Some providers acquire your physiology (body), cognitive (thoughts & emotions), as well as your brain’s activity for assessment

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There are many tools and resources that can strengthen the Neurofeedback training process.

  • They can reduce the number of sessions needed, thus saving you time & money
  • They can work in areas that Neurofeedback simply cannot
  • They can be used at home or office and can offer schedule flexibility

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Neurofeedback is a tool, not an approach. 

  • Neurofeedback regulates brain function
  • The mind as well as the body can trigger brain function
  • There is a Mind-Brain-Body connection that needs to be balanced

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